12. August 2019

NHSU Board 21/22

NHSU is led by the NSHU Board 2021/2022 consisting of 8 chosen members. For more info about the Board members, just click on the names. 

All students at NHS have the right to attend NHSU’s annual General Assembly (Årsmøte). All NHS-students attending the Årsmøte have the right to run for election, and the right to vote in the election. The NHSU Årsmøte 21/2022 was held in April 2021 via Zoom. 

The Board will regularly promote non-board positions that all NHS-students are welcome to apply for. If you want to hold a culinary workshop, run a chess/beer-pong/FIFA tournament, organise a trip away from campus, or any other ideas or projects  you want to lead/contribute with, PLEASE get in touch with us on leder.nhsu@gmail.com and we call you in for a chat! Not everything is feasible to accomplish, but we LOVE to at least try out everything that can make our time at NHS better. 

All involvement in NHSU is 100% volunteer based. 


Members of NHSU Board 21/22

Deputy Leader

Head of Communication & Marketing

Head of Sponsorship

Head of Events

Head of Finanace

Head of International Students

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