13. August 2019

NHSU Partnerships

Rabalder Bar Stavanger = NHSU’s Go-To bar!

Among all the nightlife places in Stavanger, Rabalder Bar has without doubt become the typical Go-To place for NHS Students!

A range of fantastic NHSU benefits await here every Wednesday and Thursday, and if you don’t go, you won’t know! 

For reservations/inquiries: stavanger@rabalder.no

The managers Thomas and Thomas together with their amazing staff invite NHSU to organise regular pre-parties in Rabalder Bar! These events will normally take place a few hours before their ordinary opening hours!

Make sure to follow @nshunion for more info and updates on our benefits at @rabalderstavanger


Dear students of NHS

We are pleased to finally announce that we will continue with our great collaboration agreement with EGON Stavanger

EGON Stavanger’s  outdoor balcony servering offers an outstanding view of Vågen, and The board of NHSU loves the unique dining atmosphere we get here! We highly recommend you to take advantage of our perks at EGON as a NHS student 💛

Additionally, EGON Stavanger will once per semester invite NHSU to organise a social gathering where free pizza will be served!

Make sure to follow @nhsunion for more info and updates on our benefits at @egonstavanger

Stavanger’s most lively nightclub, Heidi’s Bier Bar highly appreciate strong representation from the most lively faculty of UiS!

Therefore, NHS students have free entry at Hedi’s before midnight every Friday + access to an exclusive NSHU menu at certain special events!

Everyone can always book a table at Heidi’s free of charge! However, NHS students that state their faculty in the booking may get treated extra extra well! 

Make sure to follow @nhsunion for more info and updates on our benefits at @heidisbierbarstavanger!




Important*: All NHS students are automatically viewed as members of NHSU. However, as a way of making NHSU benefits to remain exclusive for NHS students, you as a NHS student are strongly encourages to request access to our digital “ticket”” that shows that you are eligible for all NHSU benefits!