19. July 2021

NHS Jobbsenter

Stavanger is full of relevant jobs for the students at NHS! Our student-led sister organisation NHS Jobbsenter serves the purpose to help NHS students to find a suitable job, especially those seeking for employment within service (e.g. hotel, events, tourism, F&B). 

First of all, NHS Jobbsenter’s website has become one of the main channels for hospitality firms that want to reach out to students with their job advertisements. You as a NHS student may find your dream job here! NHS Jobbsenter organise career days, workshops and industry talks! Attendance at these events has resulted in employment for many NSH students! NHSU challenge YOU do try the same!

Keeping up with text books and scientific journals is of course important. However, NHSU`s best advise to NHS students that want to gain the most up-to-date non-academic knowledge and insights on important factors of the hospitality industry, is to listen to NHS Jobbsenter’s very interesting podcast on Spotify! Not only does this podcast offer great stories and hands on experiences from inspiring people, but it also runs many cool competitions where you as a NHS student can win great prizes such as dining coupons and free hotel stays!

Make sure to follow @nhsjobbsenter to get more info and updates on their great work, opportunities, and big competitions!