13. August 2019


 The UiS Fadder Week 2021 stretches from August 16th to August 20th, and is arranged in a festival-like format. This year we will have two festival areas so you can get to know Stavanger even better!
In order to attend, you need to buy a Ticket. You can do this by downloading the “MinSiS” app from your phone’s app-store. Click on “Fadderuka” -> “Fadderfestivalen på UiS” -> and scroll down to “Billetter” where you will be able to sign up and pay for your ticket. This app is also handy as a new student trying to navigate the Stavanger-student experience; taking you through an introduction and updating you on all the services available for students in Stavanger.

“UiS Fadder” is the organiser of the overall UiS Fadder Week. However, each faculty functions a co-organiser for belonging students. The program for new students at NHS is organised by NHS Fadder (Nima Nejad and Vivo Vo). If you have any questions, please email  nhs_fadder@hotmail.com

Make sure to follow @nhsfadder for more info and updates on how the Fadder Week for NHS students will proceed. 

For more info and updates on the the entire UiS Fadder Week, check out @uisfadder