13. August 2019

NHSU Events

NHSU Events will normally be announced here. However, more detailed information and frequent updates will be available across our SoMe channels, so make sure to keep an eye there/ e.g check out NHSU´s Facebook group



Important*: All NHS students are automatically viewed as members of NHSU. However, as a way of making NHSU benefits to remain exclusive for NHS students, you as a NHS student are strongly encourage to request access to our digital “ticket” that shows that you are eligible for all NHSU benefits! 

Gordon Yueng

Head of Events

Want to be one of NHSU’s Event Coordinators? Please apply here!

If you have an idea of a social event you think could be feasible to proceed with, please send in an event application here, and NHSU will happily consider whether and how we can support your event. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email us on  leder.nhsu@gmail.com, or get directly in touch with Gordon !