Istanbul, Turkey 2020

Time to travel and explore!

Istanbul, Turkey

This years destination has landed and we arrived at Istanbul, Turkey. This country has so much to offer, and is often forgotten by other European countries. The country has centuries with history, culture and wonderful landscapes. It is a country that is almost a hundred percent self-sufficient. One of the Turkeys highest income comes from the travel and tourism industry, making this years trips highly important and very interesting.

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Number of max capacity for the study trip

Istanbul, Turkey 2020


  • Plane tickets included
  • Hotel 3 person room
  • Breakfast included
  • Turkish dinner 1 day
  • Joint activities included

Information about the trip

This year study trip is to Istanbul in Turkey. The tickets are getting realest on October the 17th at 10 o’clock. It’s only 40 tickets, so it’s first come – first served.

The trip cost 4800 nok. This is included the flight, hotel and “Turkish by night” event.

It’s going to be an exciting week with lots to do. Either you like architecture, actions, shopping, or you just want to relax at a hamam, we got something for you.

You be ordering the ticket on this site through a link. You’ll pay a deposit in the first round of NOK 1500,-. The rest of the amount is due to pay in January.

We will depart from Stavanger Airport 06:00 Sunday 15th of March 2020. Arrival in Stavanger at the 19th of March 22:40. These days are of cause approved school absenteeism.

If there is something you wonder, dont hesitate to ask! You’ll find us here on facebook/ messenger, or