14. August 2019

NHSU’s work


NHSU is a student organisation for students at the Norwegian School of Hotel Management

Our main work:

-Organise On&Off Campus Events

-Facilitate sponsorship deals with local industry partners

-Support NSH Jobbsenter and NSH Fadder 

-Support StOr

-Support NHS course representatives 

-Participate in NHS’ Institute Board

All NHS students are automatically viewed as members of NHSU. However, as a way of making NHSU benefits to remain exclusive for NHS students, you as a NHS student are strongly encouraged  to request acces to our digital «ticket» that shows that you are eligible for up for all NHSU benefits. 

The best way to get most out of our work, services and events, is by staying in touch with us on Instagram and Facebook. We LOVE to run events and competitions with prizes you don’t wanna miss out on! 

NHSU’s communication should primarily be in English! However, this may not always apply.  

If you have any questions/seek more information, please contact us on leder.nhsu@gmail.com